Shopping with us here at Game State is pretty easy. We do rely largely on in-store sales, but if you would like to make special arrangements for curb-side delivery (which is handled in either the front airlock or the back airlock for keeping your items secure and out of the weather while providing contactless pickup) or for shipping a standard purchase, we can accommodate your needs!

We do have a few items available online and you can purchase a few specialty items through our web store, including specialty branded Game State Merchandise, and our 3D print lab!

Game State’s Online Store

Also, we have an exclusive way to shop our entire Magic and Pokemon CCG catalogs, right from the privacy of your own home or on the go! Simply add items to your cart and tell us at the end whether you’d like to have the items shipped to you or if you’d prefer to pick them up in the store!

Game State’s Card Library Inventory

If you want to see what’s in our cases, the most sought-after cards, you’ll need to check out this link.

Game State’s Display Cases

As always, if you need to contact us for special requests, don’t hesitate to call the store or drop us a line on Facebook!