Game State without our awesome community of Gamers would just be…Game. The “State” in our name refers to the current conditions and situation of a game you’re playing, but it’s also the players, our fans, our followers, and our customers. You and hundreds of people like you put the State in Game State! In order to help nurture a good community, we have moved away from only using our Facebook as our exclusive outreach and platform to embracing other platforms that you probably already use.

We hope you’ll explore our Instagram, checkout our Calendar on our Events Page, and join us on our subject-specific Discord Servers as well as following our posts on Facebook for our freight videos and daily updates. The links to all of our external channels are below, and don’t forget, you can always follow our Facebook Page and the Groups there; those aren’t going anywhere for a while!

Also, you can find us in the middle of downtown Spencer at 414 Grand Avenue and we hope to show you what we have in-store for you!

Game State Forum

We have a forum for you to explore and discuss your favorite activities and games here at Game State! We hope you’ll join our awesome community of gamers online and in the store and we hope this helps you coordinate with your fellow players!

Join us at the Game State Forum and talk with us here at Game State and your fellow players today!

Store Amenities

What we do in the store is just as important to us as how we are able to interact with you while you’re away. We have several ways that we try to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

We focused on making the play areas as comfortable as we could, getting high-quality tables and chairs to make sure your stay with us is a pleasant one.

  • We focused on heavy duty tables and chairs with plenty of padding to make sure our play spaces are as comfortable as possible. The tables are available most of the time (except when we’re hosting tournaments and larger events), and there is no charge to just come in and play!
  • The play spaces are modular so that you can rearrange the tables to best match the needs of your group, an event, or a tournament.
  • We supply lockers for people to keep their games, miniatures, decks, and game supplies right here at the store. You rent the locker by the month or year and supply your own lock!
  • We have vending options in the store, but you are welcome to bring in your own food or to have food delivered from restaurants or door dash.
  • We supply free Wi-Fi for our guests. Just ask us for the password!
  • We play some ambient music in the shop and the playlists change based on who is working that day.
  • We provide 3D printing services for those who ask for them. We do not design miniatures, but if you have something you want printed, we charge you for the resin and the machine time.

Visit Our Instagram and check out our pictures! Tag us in your photos with #gamestategames

Roleplaying Games

If you enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, we hope you’ll join our Discord Server and introduce yourself to the community! If you prefer Facebook, we also have a great Facebook Group you can join as well!

Star Wars Games

We have a huge following for Star Wars based games and we’ve had a ton of amazing players in the shop over the years! Join our Discord Server and introduce yourself! If you wish, feel free to join our Facebook Group and we look forward to seeing you for X-wing, Armada, and Legion!

Warhammer and Games Workshop

We are an official Games Workshop retailer and we have one of the largest selections of Games Workshop products outside of an actual Games Workshop store! We hope you join us at our tables here in the shop and that you also join our Discord Server to schedule games with your fellow lovers of Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, Kill Team, and the plethora of other Games Workshop Games, and if you prefer, visit our Facebook Group for Warhammer, Horus Heresy, Sigmar, and More!

Board Games

Board Games and other Table Top Games are a HUGE portion of what we do here at Game State! We have a wide variety from beginners to experts and from games like Pandemic, Dominion, the games of the Stonmeier Library, and the newest games hitting the shelves as well! We invite you to join our Discord Server or visit our Facebook Group to discuss your favorite games and meet up to play!

Magic: the Gathering

Magic is one of the most popular games at the shop and it is one of the things that Game State is most well known for! We have an awesome community and we hope you’ll join our Discord Server and get involved with the community, discuss your favorite decks, and figure out who is showing up to play Friday Night Magic, Commander, or any of our other formats and events here at Game State!

We invite you to check out more about Magic at Game State’s Magic Page.


We have a growing Pokemon Community of players and card traders in the shop! Because most of our players are younger, we do not have a discord or a group specifically set up for them, but we have a good group of core players that come in on Pokemon Night. We have a group of excellent adult leaders who make sure everyone is playing fair, learning and teaching the game properly, and that any trades are fair for everyone involved.

For Pokemon Go, we are an EX Level Gym and we love seeing people come in to play, trade Pokemon, duel it out in the gym, and enjoy the space here in gorgeous downtown Spencer! Not only that, but we’re surrounded by Pokestops for other locations!

Other Games and Communities

These groups are the largest groups in the shop, but they are not the only groups that we have in the store. We want you to stop in, hang out, and see if any of these groups and games fit what you want to do. We want you to pick up new games to try, meet new people, see how we interact with the Spencer community of businesses via the Spencer Main Street and see all the different ways we mean that we are the Biggest Store and we have the Best Community.