Store Continuous Improvement

Well hello there!

We’ve been putting a ton of work into our online store in our Shopping section! As we get new products in that are easy to track, such as board games and war game figures and models, we will start adding those in! All of those are available for in-store pick up or to have mailed out to you if you’re one of our fans that are a little further away, OR we can mail it to your friends and family for a gift or in preparation for a gaming weekend!

We’re also cleaning up the way we were doing events. We tried getting away from Facebook for our main event communication and our friends and fans made it clear that Facebook is still (at the time of this writing) a very large component for how you prefer to interact with us! We’ll keep that up for our weekly and premiere events and we will be adding a chunk of those in as we transition to looking ahead to our summer and fall!

Check out the ways you can check our inventory in the Shopping Tab, hit our Events and calendar in the Events tab, and swing by the Community Tab to check out our Forum!