Prerelease Weekend, Tournaments, and Store Updates!

It’s a busy weekend here at Game State and we’re continuing our progress toward being a WPN Premium store! Kevin has been making small changes around the shop for the last several days, we’ve got a brand new Pepsi Cooler in and you’ll be seeing even more changes in the upcoming weeks before Memorial Day!

So aside from the store just looking different, we’re hanging some new signage, we’ll be finishing up the last of the work on the new Lockers in the Hangar Bay (which means they’ll be available for renting soon!) and we’ll be continuing to do what we do best here at Game State!

Along with that, we have added a number of items to the Game State Web Store including our Warhammer 40k Selection which we’ll be updating continuously over the next few days! Soon, everything we stock will be available for you to browse at home, place orders for pick-up, or even have shipped to your home or as a gift! We have also updated our in-store Kiosk for our Card Library! You can also browse from home and place orders for pick up through our Online Sales Portal!

Finally, we have a number of tournaments and organized play days coming up and we hope you’ll check out the Events Page for more information on our weekly events as well as our Organized Play events, tournaments, and even Book Releases in the near future!