Game State

Every once in a while, we’ll add some content about gaming, projects here at the store, and let you take a look at the state of gaming at Game State. These will be broken down into categories that you see below, and we hope you’ll take some time to look at what we feel is important, and let us know your opinions on our favored topics as well!

Shop Projects

Shop Projects, the future, ideas, and other things we hope to do with the space as we move forward in our amazing location and enjoy the perks of being one of the largest game store in the United States! We have a massive amount of space and we have a great deal of amenities that we are extremely fortunate to be able to offer to our players and friends!

Battlefield Valence

We are adding a bit of color; we have a 15 foot tall ceiling through most of the shop and we are in the process of adding more to the visual aesthetic! This will be an on-going process that we will be adding to for years to come as long as we keep getting the Wall Scrolls featuring artwork for each Magic set and also each Dungeons and Dragons book.

(This picture is a work-in-progress picture from October of 2023)


We will be removing the flooring, starting at the back of the shop. The original floor of the shop is gorgeous terrazzo flooring that had carpet glued to it. We will be removing the carpet from the back of the shop, and we have already started doing so, and restoring the floor so that we can get our Guest Lockers set in place in the Hangar Bay, and this will extend across from the Hangar Bay to the back of the Battlefield as well! The terrazzo only extends to a certain portion of the building and we will be putting down an awesome flooring solution that will stand up to the traffic and maintain the aesthetic that we want to maintain through the shop and building!

(This is a work-in-progress picture from October of 2023)

Highground Army Storage

We are going to be adding a cleaner army storage solution for our players in the Highground. Whether it’s your current Warhammer Army, a place to proudly display your projects, or any other collection of miniatures you want to show off, we will be creating lockable storage solutions with clear fronts that allow you to showcase your work while maintaining its security here at Game State.

(This is a before picture from October 2023)

Of course, there are more projects, from continuing to rework the bathroom hallway to building a private game area to increasing our Guest Locker capacity to improving the look of our shelves; as we start to tackle projects, we will keep you posted here and of course across our social media!